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       Rules & Regulations :
  • Strict discipline is ensured with a firm hand and College Principal possesses complete power for maintaining discipline among the students of the college. He may frame, from time to time, any rule or rules to enforce discipline and maintain order in the college.
  • Every student on admission should sign a declaration-pledging adherence, to the rules and regulations of the college, which shall be countersigned by the parent.
  • The Principal shall have the power to inflict punishment on the erring student, which includes fine, loss of attendance, suspension, expulsion, rustication etc.
  • No meeting or Program can be organized by the students in the college without prior permission of the Principal.
  • The students are expected to keep the college campus neat and clean and avoid disfiguring walls or damage college property.
  • Students should spend their leisure time in the reading room and should not loiter in the corridors disturbing the other classes.
  • Behavior of the students with the teaching staff, office staff and other employees of the college should be polite and courteous.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded whether a student attends the college or not. If he/she leaves the college in the middle of the academic year, he/she should pay the entire fee of the year.
  • All the rules and regulations and instructions which are issued by the Kakatiya University from time to time will be made applicable to the students.

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